Howto disable the fading on the edit window?


Some complete uxseless new functionallit in interface. Fade in/fade out. If you like to put something very annoying in software then it’s fading like that.

So how do we turn it off or increase the speed , because it fade out to slow.
Oh no, it’s on all the windows. THIS IS TERRIBLE. :scream:

Yes it’s the first thing you turn off in windows too, because it slow things down and is annoying. Not understand why software need useless bling bling like fade in/out


Are you referring to the transition when you open or close a window, where it goes from transparent to opaque? It’s not new at all. It’s actually been there nearly as long as we’ve had QML windows. I can’t imagine why it would suddenly be bothering you now. Also, it only lasts 0.3 seconds, so I find it hard to see how it could be very disruptive. If it’s lasting longer than that for you , please report it as a bug.

If 0.3 seconds is really too long for you, you can manually edit the fadeInDuration value in resources/qml/styles/HifiConstants.qml and resources/qml/styles-uit/HifiConstants.qml


Yes that, well. i did not looked on the QML changes for a long tiome. so never seen it.
i Changed it. THANKS ! :wink: first tried 100 and changed it down to 20 , 5 , 1 and at the end 0 is fine because it still fade but on normal speed.

Only afraid that this parameter need to be set with every update ?


Currently, yes. We might be able to add a mechanism to allow users to specify overrides for style things like this, but it’s not high on the priority list. You might add a suggestion to worklist and see if someone might be willing to do it.


I just checked a few windows, i get the idea that the edit properties window have a different fade speed then the windows under menu -> settings. The last ones appear instant (fadeInDuration=0) But the edit properties when you open it with the edit button still fade on slower speed.

Let’s first clear out if all windows really uise the same fade speed.


Before getting distracted by the fade time, I suggest the root cause be addressed, which is why does opening a QML pane cause the frame rate to permanently tank? I think this is the real issue here.


Sad, just checked it but i do not see it on my system.