Howto make "name this location" working on windows . i did the following,


Thanks to @thoys , i can now set a home location or more locations. i did the following on windows. this example also include a lock on the webinterface port. (sort off)

c:\Users<user>\AppData\Local\High Fidelity\Stack Manager\resources\

replace for your username. open the json file. if its not available in the resource directory you can create one. name it:


Add the following in the config.json.

    “id”: “[Domains ID]”,

        “[some login name]”:
            “password”: “[some password]”

Replace [Domains ID] with your domain id you can find at after logging in at

also replace [some login name] with some suername , this one you need when you try to login on your domain webinterface. same for [some password]

Dont use your High Fidelity login and password for this.

save the config.json file and restart the domain server.
after that you can use “name this location” in interface.exe under file…



I had a “voxels” entry in config.json too… something we noted as needed many moons ago. Should that be removed?

"voxels": {
    "voxel-wallet": "[your wallet uuid]"

I did manage to create a “Vue” domain, and an address with that domain name, rather than my DNS, does seem to work, the domain e.g. hifi://Vue/120,1000,120/0,0,0

But I cannot work out how to name a specific location in the Interface. It keeps saying the “name is not a valid place name” and I tried things with simple strings, lower case no _ or hyphen, etc. The interface console has this message…

[2014-09-14T10:41:40] AddressManager API error - 203 - “Error downloading https:
// - server replied: Not Found”
[2014-09-14T10:41:48] QJsonObject({“name”: “is not a valid place name”})

Ctrl+N also does not work to bring up the “name this Location” box in Windows. I get

[2014-09-14T10:58:41] QAction::eventFilter: Ambiguous shortcut overload: Ctrl+N


Good question, whats that voxel-wallet doing ? i never used it, always needed to make the config.json manual. I think you can keep it in, as long it on the right place.


@Ai_Austin I removed your access token from that post - but you should login and logout from interface so you get a new one.


@Ai_Austin from that post it looks like your search term for the place name isn’t actually being added to the URL.

If you were searching for ‘testplace’ the url should be /api/v1/places/testplace but that url does not have any name appended to it.

I will take a look and see what I can figure out.


@Ai_Austin you don’t currently need that voxels entry in your config.json - it can be removed. That is for a feature we removed and haven’t put back yet.


Thanks @b … I had not realised that the access token UUID was sensitive. I logged off the Interface and back on again as you suggested.

As you saw it obviously was not adding the place name I was attempting to assign then. Remember I am on the Interface on Windows. I just get this now when I try a (legal looking) name… e.g. “aiai”

[2014-09-14T18:22:21] QJsonObject({“name”: “is not a valid place name”})


Strange, it need to work if we keep it very basic.
If you make backup from the config.json file, and only put this lines in with your own domain uuid from the webnsite. did you created a domain on the webpage ? then it need to work.

    “id”: “2057b240-3c3c-11e4-916c-0800200c9a66”,

Oh, you use the latest stack-manager updates ?


Hmm, am seeing this error right now to.

[2014-09-14T20:25:29] QJsonObject({“name”: “is not a valid place name”})

@Ai_Austin, it at leats not alone you with the problem. lets see what the devs say.


It is nice not to be alone in the (virtual) world :slight_smile:

I am on latest everything, and relogged and have created the domain “Vue” that I was connected to.


Testing this again with very latest Stack Manager and Interface (win build 1115) and all restarted and when I try to name a location I get this (I removed the long access token this time)…

[2014-09-15T10:13:18] Trying to go to URL “hifi:///150,1000,150/0,0,0”
[2014-09-15T10:13:18] MyAvatar goToLocation - moving to 150, 1000, 150
[2014-09-15T10:13:18] MyAvatar goToLocation - new orientation is 0, 0, 0
[2014-09-15T10:13:18] AddressManager API error - 203 - “Error downloading https:
//… - server replied: Not Found”