HTC vive teleport option , let you pass behind solid walls


I found a hugh problem with the new teleport option in combination with the HTC vive.
It allows you to go beyond solid walls ! That’s a hugh problem because it let users do things you not want.

This need to be fixt before end of the year.
Here is the video so you get a good impression of the problem. This is on the SimSquare domain, in case you want to test things. The building have solid walls and alpha windows.


hey. good observations. a few notes:

  • It’s probably a bug that the raypick goes through the alpha channel of the model. It should be geometry based, so unless there’s actually a hole there it should collide. Then the teleport ray wouldn’t be able to go through the window. I’ll investigate further and file a bug; I’ve seen similar behavior.

  • putting your hand through a wall and then teleporting is a hard thing to prevent right now since your hands don’t collide.

  • perhaps we’ll handle teleport the same as flying – give you the ability to make ‘no teleport’ zones.

  • if you want to implement a ‘no teleport’ zone right now, you can do the following in an entity script and attach it to a zone:



Keeping the sensor-to-world transform fixed

putting your hand through a wall and then teleporting

That where mistake, but still a valid one to comment.
Al the other tests where without sticking hand through a wall.

The zone idea sounds good. Mabye that can be combined with the audio zone ?
It’s just a checkbox to say TP yes or No.


can you please post the model you’re using so we can examine it? thanks.

one other note is that if you teleport very close to the join of a floor and a wall, it’s definitely possible that your avatar’s collision capsule will be inside of that geometry and so it will push you out to try to settle the collision. sometimes to the outside. i’m not sure i have a solution for that without volume probes. open to ideas.


Does that “Messages.sendLocalMessage(‘Hifi-Teleport-Disabler’,‘both’)” disable people from just typing in coordinates into the Navigate address bar (as in: “Welcome/0,10,20”) also?


No – the teleport stuff is just related to changing position using the hand controllers. You’re interested in the ability to completely remove changing domains? Doing something whitelabel?


No, I just want a nofly zone that works. I know it is not practical to stop scripts from setting new avatar locations but I would like it so you could at least not just use the hand controllers or type in a different x,y,z into the navigate widget.


heya - tbh, i haven’t done much with the nofly zones, is there a bug i should know about?


Nofly works but it is useless if all anyone has to do to get around it is to use the hand controllers to teleport or just type in a different x,y,z point.


cool, help me with this list of ways to get around and we will think about how to disable:

  1. walking using keyboard keys

  2. actually walking around the physical room in a vive / oculus

  3. flying

  4. teleporting

  5. typing a location in the address bar like /0,0,0

  6. clicking or typing a hifi:// link in a web browser

  7. using thumbsticks on gamepad

  8. using thumbsticks on hand controller in “Advanced Movement for Hand Controllers” mode

unless you’re using custom build, i don’t see 5 + 6 being options to disable – otherwise you can trap me inside of an area on your domain that i cannot leave.


This has nothing to do with “trapping” people. I never said anything about stopping people from leaving any domain.

An example would be a maze, a race or making an experience in a domain. If you wanted people to go from point A, to point B and then to point C. It would not work very well if they could just teleport directly to point C.

Using the “Hifi-Teleport-Disabler” as above fixes the hand controller issue. All I would suggest is an option to disable using the address bar to get to a location in the domain other than the entry point set in the domain settings.


I think some solution would be to add a new zone that deny Teleporting inside that zone on the same domain.


i’ve opened tickets for these features:

  1. no teleport zones
  2. domain level setting to disable using address bar to go to a location other than domain entry point


also after today’s js office hours i’ll post a json with a no teleport zone w/script alrteady attached that you can just import in the meantime