HTC Vive, view is rotating as I move my head, very disorienting


I have tried High Fidelity using my Vive multiple times, and every time, I am getting this same glitch that makes it un-usable. As I turn my head, my avatar keeps rubber-banding to look forward, it’s really disorienting, not sure what’s causing it.

Another thing I’m noticing, is when running HF through steam, after I close it, steam still says it’s running, every time. And I don’t even see a process in task manager to kill. This also prevents me from launching the game again.


Mabye it’s the same and fr me new since beta 31. I did notce a few times when avatars login on empty that when i where rotating my head. some dhort lock appeared so the screen did sty a bit behind with my head movement and then jumped back mve very smooth to the current head position.

It’s not good and yes it can make you quick dizzy.


No ideas on how to fix this? I’ve tried it before the latest update, it was doing the same thing.