Hydra destruction bug


Anyone with a hydra can go into a domain and throw any and all unlocked objects.

Before the json files were returned to being compressed I had a fix for this

But now I cant edit my stuff

I should probably lock my domain until this is fixed.


Hi Judas,

You can unzip that file and make necessary modifications.



what unzips and rezips a gz file? will winrar do it?


I have always used http://www.7-zip.org/


also you could run a script like this for now, before you add your content:

(include libraries/utils.js)

setEntityCustomData('grabbableKey', entityID, {grabbable:false});



Why can people grab and throw with things if the do not have edit rights. that need to be fixt pretty quick then. unless the domain owner allow it by change a setting.


if the entity is locked they cant ^ill have a play with james script tomorrow. I really want a lock all unlock all script.
7zip works to get them readable so i can do the find replace thing i did b4
the lazier the method the better tho


Locking objects is annoying. It did in SL give more problems then it solved.
Then the need to move the lock/unlock to the entities list.