I am back and checking it out



Wow, I first joined alpha in March of 2015 and now back 2+ years later. I bought a HTC Vive and Alienware gaming laptop then entered HF. Wow, very nice! With some help from voices I remember from alpha days, they were able to help me get up and going with the Vive controls.

I was wondering if HF is still alive and kicking though. I only saw 3 folks online last Saturday when I was on.


While not quite kickin yet, is still a decent handful of regulars keepin things churnin, the “Welcome Wagon” rooms got up to around 8-10 a few times over the past week


I’m the artist formerly known as Captain Oculus. Your avatar is ready… it uh… took awhile.



I see a pattern where 1-2 folks are in their domains building experiences presumably (at least that’s what I’m often doing!) The Friday meetings will have a couple dozen, haven’t been able to make them recently myself due to summer / work stuff but hope to attend more soon.


Hi Captain Oculus. Long time no see!