I am in without crashing!


Thanks team! I can now log in with avatars on without crashing. I still have a couple of issues that I am not entering as bugs because I am not sure that they are bugs and not settings or things I lack.

  1. Faceshift plugin or software: I can see my avatar head, but it is not activating my camera. I saw this on another post. “You’ll need the High Fidelity version of the Faceshift software, and an accompanying activation code. I obtained these from Emily, who also supplied some useful notes on getting started (thanks, Emily!).” Where can I get the link and is there one activation code shared by all that anyone can give me?

  2. I cannot see any voxels in world or other avatars, just my own avatar picture that does not move in the box.

  3. I do not hear any sound. I know that text chat is unversal. Is the same true of voice? Should I be able to hear everyone no matter where I am?

This noob appreciates any and all help. :smiley:


1.in Faceshift did you tun on network streaming? this sends the gubbins from faceshift to HF.oh check that faceshift is selected in HF. None HF highfidelity works fine with hf.
2Voxels if you cant see any voxels and voxels are turned ( developer options voxel options-voxels)-on check the lod tools Shift L has a couple of sliders that messing with might bring them back(it also has a reset button)
3 you can only hear sound maybe 4 feet away from someone speaking


Thanks Judas! Playing with the LOD and then hitting the reset button did the trick. I can now see voxels. I think I have sound working, although I have not had a chance to hear any sound yet in world. I see my avatar’s lips move when I speak.

I cannot turn on network streaming in Faceshift because I do not have the Faceshift software. Where can I get the correct version or plugin for High Fidelity, and hopefully free?