I bought a place name, but the money was refunded and now I can't get it back


I bought “avatars” and the next day somebody refunded it and now it cannot be taken. Why did this happen? I am not happy about it. You sold me a name and then changed your mind because it was too good and had to have it for yourselves?


comes up as un registered if you try to go there


Well it won’t let me buy it back. It says it is taken.


interesting,you were refunded?
Raises lots a questions about things.Hopefully its a mistake. But if they can be taken back on a whim what are we actually paying for.
I can imagine if i registered Coke then Coke would have a right to it, but Avatar i doubt can be a brand despite it being a movie.


Maby the name is not in the allowed list, Avatar is a big generic to. Maby @chris can put a light on this problem. Or its a bug, or the pulled the name back for some reason.

Besides Avatar is a movie, so there can be some rigths on it.


Avatars, with an S. I have other names that could be considered generic but I didn’t get a forced refund on those.

I agree, if they can be taken back on a whim then why are we paying for them?

Also, it would be nice if we could see who owns the names. I would like to know who they gave my stolen name to.

AT THE VERY LEAST I would like to know their REASON for returning my money and taking the name from me. I didn’t get an email about it or anything. This is bullshit.

So what if I pay for a name for 6 years, do I always have to worry that one day they might decide they want it back too? I disagree with how this has been handled. The agreement was made that I would pay $20 and own the place name for a year at which time I can renew it. There were no other representations made regarding reserved names or the fact that names could be taken from me at any time. I paid the system and it accepted my payment and added the place name to my place name list. I did not request a refund, it was forced on me.

WTF hifi? Do you really want to establish terrible business practices before you are even out of alpha?

I would apologize for sounding angry but we are talking about money here, and the fact that I intend to make and sell hifi avatars. The only reason I can think of this would happen is because they want to use the name for themselves and don’t want competition. Or perhaps somebody bribed them into selling it to them at a higher price. Either way we might be looking at a lawsuit in the future. Yes I am angry. It could have been ANY OTHER NAME I got besides this one and I wouldn’t be so upset.


still thinks its more likely to be a bug @chris will look into it am sure once they wake up


Well it would be a pretty big bug, randomly taking over paying customers place names.


From the terms and conditions:
“You agree that we may suspend, cancel or transfer your services, including, but not limited to, domain name registration services in order to: (i) correct mistakes made by us: (ii) to resolve a dispute under our domain name dispute policy: or (iii) any other reason in the exercise of our discretion. You also acknowledge that we may, in our sole discretion, elect to discontinue offering registrations or renewals of some or all domains. We, in our sole discretion, reserve the right to refuse to register your chosen domain name or register you for other High Fidelity service(s), or to delete your chosen domain name within the first thirty (30) calendar days from receipt of your payment for such services.”… “YOUR REGISTRATION OF A DOMAIN NAME DOES NOT PROVIDE YOU WITH ANY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTIONS, RIGHTS OR REGISTRATIONS, NOR DOES IT PROVIDE YOU WITH ANY RIGHTS TO ANY PARTICULAR DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION.”

So basically “even though you paid us we can take your name back any time we want, sell it to somebody else for more money and maybe refund you if we feel extra nice”. I can say with some confidence that this agreement would be thrown out by pretty much any court in the country (similar to what happened that time Linden Labs was sued over the guy registering sims for free) because what this “agreement” says is you are essentially giving them money for nothing…



I have reserved for now only one name i used already before. I hope HiFy improves much this year.


re big bug we couldn’t walk forward all weekend lol


Hi @cracker_hax,

Currently we are manually reviewing all place name purchases. If we refund someone, I then email them and let them know, in this case, I am behind on my emails and I apologize.

More generally, this might be a good time to share a bit more re: the company’s thinking around place names. Rather than having High Fidelity reserve thousands of names comprising every country, city, genre of music, media type (“movies”, “dance”, ) for itself , our approach has been to leave those names for others, with the hopes that they’ll do interesting things with them. There are however some names that we think the company needs to own; this is motivated not by expectations of profit, but rather the need to provide a good user experience. A prime example of this is “support”, and there are a few others like that, including “Avatars”.

Hope that helps shed some light on things.



So my initial post was correct.

To be frank, I think I could do better with it than your company can. I expect it will be some sort of “help island” thing that will be quickly done and quickly outdated. The motive for profit is always incentive to keep things cutting edge and competitive.

I really think users would be better served by a name that points to a place where they can go buy an awesome avatar easily rather than landing at a tutorial that shows them how to make their own. That sort of thing should be relegated to “help island”.


While I see your point on this for other companies, I am not 100% sure High Fidelity would just let something go wasted and dropped. They really are looking to make a difference on the outcome of this world compared others on the market. Look alone at just the changes in the last month and how quickly things are growing!

I have to say, I have no idea what you or anyone else COULD do with it but in the end, Place Name “Avatars” is very much the essence of a name that they would need to own. People will naturally (in most cases) think “that is the place to go get an an avatar” or “this is where I can see examples of what I can use/make” etc. In a non contracted 3rd party hand, they have no way to control what will be shown there.

People going to a place like that would more than likely be newer and except that they would get free options presented to them in the form of a model standing in front of them. Maybe even a “click to apply this avatar” button on the ones presented. Heck I would love to have that setup and I am far from new.

I do see all sides but I would more say that from the perspective of “company image” for “new players”, even just those two alone… It would make sense to keep that for their self.


Personally I think the company retaining some ‘key’ names is essential - for customer service.

I see it as good if the company is making a profit - we need them to make a profit for everything to survive. Which I would personally hope is what we all would want to see.


@chris maybe some of the Devs reserved names can go on the what and why list?


Well I do agree it could be a valuable asset for users, I am just worried about how it will be implemented. Remember help island in SL? It was made and then left to rot until it was sadly outdated. I am also concerned about hifi alienating its business customers right off by taking their names away instead of reserving these names before anybody had a chance to register them. People don’t forget that sort of thing. SL created a big hole of bad expectations that hifi will have to work hard to climb out of (shifting policies, alienating business customers, shifty business dealings, etc).

Forgive me if I come off like an asshole here, I am really not an asshole I am just being realistic and honest. I really do love hifi and I have a lot of respect for them. I just don’t want to see it fail.

No matter what they do, there will always be people angry. It’s not a position I would want to be in.


I trust in fair play and I am sure HF is playing fair. They have no interest in doing otherwise and we are here a bunch of people, all motivated to make this work and be an active part of the Metaverse we are building here.
I also trust that registering place names will be useful, not only to resell eventually, but also to place the right content in the right place. For example I am thinking it will be nice to be able to place client’s projects, into spaces with the appropriate names or the right project with the right name. Then again, probably if I had more money to play with, I would register a few thousands place name, just in case, you know… lol

Anyhow the place name “sexy” is mine, so anything sexy, come this way!


Templar. Looks like you have competition with ‘sexy’ - ‘sex’ is already there too :wink: - Will this be the battle of the ‘sexes’ (jk)? grins



LOL Debs, let’s hope not! We already have enough problems communicating between the sexes!