I do not get it , something changed with textures?


Now, i just learned to use Hi Res texture on Low res mesh. Whooo. :smiley:
Also learned to texture brush in blender ! Except the result is still low quality.

And this one not have alpha, but it still go complete wrong to. Why is hifi so terrible broken last time. i First blamed textures. but there’s soemthing else wrong in hifi. Well the result in High Fidelity is dissapointing. High Fidelity is complete useless, need to be fixt soon !

This looks like the same thing that did happen with the tree, also i thin k it’s the same problem the mixamo avatars have. :unamused:

Oh and this is in the Autodesk FBX preview.

@AlphaVersionD , So it’s not only alpha the need to fix but something else.


Hi Richardus,

I m sorry you have such a hard time.
Could you send me the FBX file you are trying to use ?

I can imagine several reasons for the texture to not show properly.
In which channel of the material did you assign the texture (in blender) ? the standard one should be the “diffuse” color.
You want to make sure that the values of the material (DIffuse color and Diffuse Intensity) are set to white and to 1.0 because these values are multiplied with the color coming from the texture.

THis would be the first thing i would try to check.
Again if you can provide me the model i can help you faster.



I will send a url to you where you can download it.
I just add a texture the the model, i guess it’s default difuse and the other parameters are default right.

I need to check that.


Ok, it seems to be the problem with Diffuse Intensity. That is default disabled. Not sure why it need to be enabled for high fidelity or why it’s not enabled default in blender.

Tested the mixamo avatar. But there it’s not giving the right result. It still seems a way to investigate more because it looked a bit betetr. but fuse avatar have PBR so more settings mabye still wrong.

Also with ALPHA textures it still go wrong in different ways in high fidelity when it looks fine in blender and fbx viewer. i have other topic about that.

I do not send the file, Thanks. I can now at least experiment a bit with texture painting and see if i can get the resolution up.

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Tried today a new round , but it looked terrible again. i did see the texture but the grey / brown from the first picture appeared onto it to. High Fidelity got difficulkt with creating things also i still think theres a bug.

So we wait a bit longer.

Hmm, mabye not so bad. but not super good with colors too.