I don't understand place names


I think I understand somewhat that you can use place names within HiFi. But what about the systems that don’t want to use it that way – they want it private. For example, some schools use SOAS.(an Opensimulator) for localhost only or use it to for clients within the restricted area.

In HiFi is there a way to NOT have place names and still be connected privately? I mean more that localhost…

the marketplace is a different thing but I don’t want to get into that.


Yes there is, just do not put in any account token and visit it by the IP address only.

You can still setup access controls etc.

You can actually access my domain “Here” via “hifi.netbit.me” just the same. Just type that into your HiFi address box.


so its just like Opensimulator that way. You just have to have the IP but for right now you can join the marketplace right? that’s fair.


why do I do that. can’t==can. I can’t join the marketplace…


I can say you can add an account token and a domain token and let it function normally without a place name, the IP will still work.

As for marketplace working, I missed that part of the meeting and maybe @chris could answer that for you as I have not tested it myself.