I entered a wrong Email id while registering


Hi there, I am new to high fidelity and i entered the wrong email id while registering the avatar name. I was wondering if someone could tell me if the avatar name would ever be available again since i have deleted that email address and how long would it be before the avatar name is available again. Also is it possible to Capitalize the name i am using. Hope to hear from you soon.


I think @Jess need to look at this.


Name and email change requests should be sent to support@highfidelity.com. (Goldy–got your PM and replied, and now replying here so others with the same question can see!)


TY for the quick reply jess i have written a mail to Support@highfidelity.com and hope the issue is resolved soon.


@jess i still havent heard from the support staff on the mail address you mentioned. I want that avatar name but i accidently entered the wrong email id, i deleted that email address long ago, when will i be able to apply for those avatar names? noone would have verified the email addresses there, does that mean the avatar name is gone for ever? Also can i capitalize the G in goldy in my name?


Ty @jess The problem has been solved, you can close this forum post now. I am sorry i am late with my reply.