I got a duplicated invite to hifi alpha


Today I received (another) email saying,

Welcome aboard. You’ve been chosen to be part of the High Fidelity Alpha.
Click here to create your account!

… kinda strange considering I’ve already been part of High Fidelity Alpha
for more than a year. Did something go wrong?



We’ve been batch sending out more invites recently. You’ve done nothing wrong! It’s likely you were still on our list of users to be invited and you got sent one again in the recent batch.


@A_I_5940192 play hard to gettt


Yeah, on Monday I got one of those too, even though I’ve been in for months. My first thought was, “Wait, did they accidentally deactivate my account and then reinvite me?” (I then checked to see if I was stilll logged in to this forum and that I could launch the Interface…:slight_smile: ) I then simply ignored the mail, figuring if I actually clicked the provided link, it might bork something in my account. Hehe

My next thought was, “Yeah, I think I vaguely remember applying a second time, per instructions from the guy who nudged me to join, when the first one didn’t get acted on in a day or so…”

And then… “And I guess that means some people I know who’d applied and never got the invite are probably now getting their invite…” :smile: