I just got a Mac


So I’ve been very interested in participating more in all things related to HF and was not able to figure out why I had a 3-5 minute delay in it launching on windows. After searching through all possible issues with anti-virus and firewall, I was unable to resolve my issue. That, paired with the fact that I want to approach this as an “average user” and keep a keen view on how most people will use HF everyday, lead me to finally get a new Mac Book Air :smile:

Also hoping this will make it easier/possible to attend the weekly meetings.

I look forward to where HF goes next, I’ll just be watching from the Mac side now.


I started with my mac years ago, I used to think I would never own one. The first one was a hook line and sinker for me.

Yes I use bootcamp for certain things, yes I use vmware fusion for others, heck I even have multiple windows machine and even am a volume licensee for microsoft products for businesses use. All of that aside I have never looked back from my first Mac as my full time machine.

If you are used to POSIX systems and the command line is just as much your home as a gui then osx was a match made in heaven and I hope you grow to enjoy the mac just as much.

Its a different perspective, different uses for every side of the road. I never get involved in the mac vs pc battle but I always try to be there to answer questions people may have about WHY a mac is different from a pc and the pros and cons vs what you may or may not need and how you have windows essentially with near zero effort if you WANT it with bootcamp.

In other words, rock on!