I keep crashing a lot today


I have crashed multiple times today at Empty during the meeting. I don’t get the impression anything out of the ordinary is located at Empty that hasn’t been there for ages Apparently I’m the only one crashing like this.

I forget where the debug logs are located, can someone refresh my memory on that? oO


On windows:
C:\Users\{your_account_name}\AppData\Local\High Fidelity\Interface\Logs


Okay, how do I embed a logfile into a message, such that it winds up inside a scrollable frame?

edit: Okay, I went with pastebin instead.


As it happens, after that log was generated I updated my video card driver. Whether the video card driver was in any way a factor, I don’t know, though. I didn’t have any more crashes on the next visit, but I wasn’t on long and it was well after everyone had left.