I like it much, what's coming up - Spoiler!


Very nice what the Devs did here with the ‘create tools’ in desktop mode for the next update. Also the other new stuff is great. Can’t await it :slight_smile:


I enjoyed the fact that create windows are now detached this will help and make modeling faster. I noticed the avatar key, but which are the other “new stuff”? Anyway it seems a step forward :slight_smile:


I’m reading HighFidelity developers have fixed a problem with grid alignment. I would propose to fix another bad problem with alignment which is a regression since previous versions. This is the proposed Test Plan:

Fix aligning objects to grid
Fixes: ???

Test Plan:
-Enter Interface in desktop mode
-Open Create and create a Cube (set dimensions to 1,1,1) make it in an integer position on the three axis (for instance -19,-9,33
-Select the Grid tab and make it visible and set major to 5 and minor to 1
-Click Align to Selection and snap entities to grid
-Now Alt drag the object along one direction

What happens is that the 2nd cube, albeit having the position exactly moved 1 meter away as per grid, appears NOT ALIGNED to previous object (!)… This happens in 0.69.0 and in 0.69.1 as well …

This makes the grid virtually useless with cubes at least…