I made a body that crashes hifi


I made a body that crashes hifi, every time I wear it. It loads fine in maya and blender and even uploads fine to mixamo
No idea whats wrong with it, it seems fine if anyone has any guidance that would be useful.
if anyone would like to use it as a mean griefing tool its perfect
you have to delete your ini file to get back in world after you tried it on

http://public.highfidelity.io/models/skeletons/dbody/ is the fbx


See also: https://worklist.net/19983


Dont take the words “crash dummy” not so serious judas :wink: Uhmm, nice work :slight_smile:
Oh, you can also remove the bad line(s) from the ini and start interface.exe did that in the past with scripts.


Ah thanks for that not just me then ill pull it apart a bit and see if i can narrow down the problem


That’s been pretty common since like 1010 I think… best way to fix it on windows is to goto %AppData%\Roaming\High Fidelity and edit interface.ini and delete the avatar head/body lines just under 1/2 way through the ini file and then start interface, you’ll be wearing the default robot at that point.


Ok its something with the mixamo rig i exported it from Mixamo as a dae and into Blender. Its prob messed things up along the way


Yeah, it’s something in interface to that’s buggy, I’ve helped a couple of people, including myself, out of an issue where a not-100 percent compatible avatar is crashing interface.exe. The mushroom head in the heads folder crashes the moment you put it on now.


out of curiosity i just exported the default cube from blender unrigged and both a binary and an ascii fbx as an body
both killed hifi
has anyone uploaded a body made in anything recently?


@judas I just uploaded http://public.highfidelity.io/models/skeletons/Chris%20Blue%20Body.fst and it worked. I re-rigged your avatar and shrunk all the .png’s and it still crashed on me, at the moment I am not sure what the issue could be. @ozan , any ideas what could be in this model that is crashing Interface?


Never done rigging, but why you dont rig in blender ?
Just curious, that would be the right way at the end anyway. because maximo costs money.


There’s an issue with importing/exporting rigs on Blender (with fbx files) according to @Judas, and I’ve tried importing the ron avatar body and when it comes in, the model is there, but there’s no rig to speak of. I think @Judas said it is possible though to export it as an obj and use autodesk’s fbx converter to convert the obj to fbx.


The problem with blender is it uses z up -y forward maya uses y up -z forward this basically messes up rigs when you import them. @Adrian in his butterfly vid suggests exporting from blender Y forward and z up , and this makes my brain fizz. It needs a bran in of logic to sort it out, me I never had an education , I went to art school


Most exporters in blender have a pull down that let’s you define which direction is up:

@Judas , Hope that helps.


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The reason I advocate Y forward and Z up when exporting from Blender is because I built the animation with y forward and z up, if I export in any other config the anim is messed up, so I export as required to have the animation perform as expected, then while in HF I change the pitch to 270 (or minus 90) to swing the whole center spine from up/down to front/back.

And just to mess everyone up a little bit more, HF is actually Y up and -Z forward.

If I was to build a non animated object in Blender then I could export it as Y up -Z forward and then not need to do any corrections inworld…


Yeah, it’s not a huge problem to fix either way you do it. SL is Z = up, but HF is more in line with most games and most 3d modeling tools for that matter. Blender and SL fit like a glove because they used the same system, but it’s not a huge problem. I’m just surprised you didn’t realize it it earlier.


all good fixed it :slight_smile: