I made a JavaScript debug output console


Hi All,

I’ve been doing background work in JavaScript recently, learning some metaprogramming techniques and creating tools.

I made this script so that I could output JavaScript debug info actually inside Interface, as the log often gets cluttered with Interface messages.

To use, simply add this line to the script you want to debug:

Script.include( pathToDebugScript + ‘davedubDebug.js’ );

(You’ll need to set the path to where you have put the debug script)
Then, to display debug info:

debug.toLog(‘This will be displayed on the panel in Interface’);

The debug display can be toggled on and off with the letter ‘D’ (note caps).
You can download the script from here:


Note, it’s NOT possible to run it from my server, you’ll need to download it and host it yourself, but if you’re programming in JavaScript, you’ll have a hosting solution sorted already…

Hope you find it as useful as I do!

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