I must be missing something


Web entities, locked, unlocked, muted or not. I don’t think this was the way things worked until recently.

Am I missing something?.. I create a web entity, set it to play something with audio content, then lock it.

It plays the audio and everything seems good.

I leave the domain and come back and the audio is muted.

Is there a new setting I don’t know about?


Leaving the domain is the equivalent to close the web browser. So it reloads the URL set on the entity.

Your web page must be designed to do what you want it to do.


The web entity was set to be not muted before it was locked. Does this mean all web entities can not play audio by default?


What do you mean by muted?
Is that a new thing that we can mute Web entity?
Do you have an example of what you are playing? a .ogg file ?


I think what she means by having the page ‘do what you need it to do’ is if the webpage is playing an audio clip, it needs to be told to start automatically. There is an HTML5 tag for <audio> and it has a property called ‘autoplay’

Maybe that will help?


What I mean exactly is:

Up until awhile ago I could set a web entity to play a YouTube video. Nothing special, just copy the URL from a browser address bar and paste it into the URL field in the web entity.

It would start playing as expected, showing the video and with the audio playing. I could then leave the domain and when I would return, the video and audio would start at the beginning.

Things have changed now. When returning to the domain, the video plays but the audio is muted with a little pop up next to the mute button saying “TAP TO UNMUTE”.

i thought domain owners were supposed to have control over the user’s experience, not the other way around.


What “Mute” button?
the one on the tablet?
on the youtube page?


I think it is something that HiFi has done as an overlay on the web entity




This is indeed weird.
But you won’t get it if the page of your web entity is calling the video.


Is it the equivalent of this ?
But a buggy implementation of it (mainly when the entity is locked)


It is not the equivalent of the icon on the browser tab. That is just a notification that the tab is playing audio. It is not clickable.


Note: It is clickable on some browsers. To mute the tab.


Ah, you are right, clickable on Firefox but not on Chrome.


All Web entities play media by default muted due to people abusing it.

You could otherwise just pop a clientOnly Web entity and play really loud music that would broadcast to everyone in the domain who would immedietly rez it, among other fun stuff. Instead you have to now interact with it to hear it.

Not the best solution to be honest and they definitely need to look into it a bit further to make it more usable.


Is this new?
It doesn’t seem to affect the web player on my domain. Maybe because the page start it using javascript, after a redirection.


Yes I know why they did it but:

  1. I don’t think just muting web entities on start up will solve the abuse problem.

  2. Like @Alezia.Kurdis said, I suspect there are ways to script around it.

  3. This seems like a bad precedent that starts us on the removal of features to protect us from ourselves as a quick fix rather than having the tools to deal with the abuse.


I agree, at least, it shout not mute on locked entity. If a domain owner wants to abuse of her-self, it’s her ears. :slight_smile: