I need a new headset - any suggestions?


After 8 years of heavy duty it sounds like I’ll finally have to pull the plug on my Logitech G35 headset (producing unbearable distortions at maximum sound level and random times).

So I want a new gaming headset geared to these needs:

  1. surround sound
  2. a movable microphone (best also serving as a hardware-sided muting mechanism)
  3. (most importantly) compatible to HiFi (i.e. NOT overdriving sound in-world)

Therefore I’m curious to know what kind of headphones you guys are using with HiFi and how satisfied you are with them.
Thanx in advance for all your purchase suggestions :kissing_heart:


Im using a Blue snowball mic and sennheiser hd650 headphones.
What I like is the cord on the headphones is replacable so once i drive over the cable with the wheels on my chair one 2 many times i can swap the cable for a new one
The Mic im not that sure about with hifi, i have it on a gooseneck thing and it has to be right in my face or people complain they cant hear me.


Yeah, the replacable cable is definitely a big advantage.
And the (passive) sound quality of the Sennheisers is brilliant too.
But we have the Momentum and I couldn’t figure out yet how to shut off it’s stupid VoiceMax-function which is blasting everybody else’s ears off.
And I’d love to have a hardware-sided way to adjust my own sound-level by moving the mic relatively to my face while jumping around with the Vive on :wink:
Thanx for the input!


The greatest convenience that you can ever enjoy from using Bluetooth headphones is wireless mobility but not at the expense of higher power consumption. Wireless headphones are definitely the perfect choice for you especially if you hate getting entangled in a mess of wires. It is also important for us to know everything that we need about a product considering that purchasing a product that doesn’t meet our needs can be disappoint and at the same time just a waste of money. I am also looking for one such set for my new iphone. I got some information over here from internet on friends recommendation.


I can only say. go to a store with a big collection and try them.
I tried many, some dnt fit fight.
Other not settle good on the ears.
Another one is pretty heavy.
And then you heave the pressure on hour ear problem. Especially with hlasses annoying.

And with wireless crap it’s getting more complex. You need to watch the battery life. I have seen a nice one. It where anti sound one. but it did not fit correct on the head and ears.

Also listen to them. The not all sound the same.