I need help getting a VR unit


I am pretty confused when it comes to finding out which kind of VR unit to buy. E bay seem to have only VR units for use with mobile phone or some kit that seems to complicated to bother buying. The price tags range from £400, £800.
I do not think most casual users of VR world would want to spend that much money of a unit they might use once or twice in a month.
I have just got myself a Samsung Galaxy s6 and I personally think I have wasted a good £500.00 trying to keep up with modern technology. So any help in finding the VR app would be gratefully received.
I wish I was more enthusiastic about Oculus and VR and HF but I think some of the topics need to be summarized on a different category in a different web page. Looking at other people problems does not always helpp sort mine out but a gathering of useful information in one place is desirable.
There is just too much clutter here and just too much to read. So much too read I have not bothered to log on the Interface for months. Now and then I will look at what is going in the forum and to be honest most of it just goes over my head.


Just as a side note I can think of more reasons not to buy VR equipment and VR worlds: can I be persuaded otherwise?
VR can be fun and challenging if one knows what they are doing and it can be a total bore when things go over ones head week after week.


Wait for until actual CV units be released. All the development kits and the sort are seriously development kits and are not for the user of regular users. All Dev Kits are quite antiquated and are out performed by their Commercial release versions (CV).

The first release of Vive is comming up on December, while Oculus Rift CV are set to be released on the first quarter of 2016.

Once those devices are out, things will change for them at a slightly slower pace, but this is bleeding edge stuff that tends to get moved quickly.

Same thing with High Fidelity: everything is a flux because it changes. Things that used to work do not work anylonger, and information gets out-of-date quickly as of this moment. That is always a thing with alpha; even until Betas applies to anything in constant state development not really meant for normal consumption (more of power users and developers)


@Menithal I am afraid I do not accept that at all. We all just turning into zombies that let Windows update without telling us what is being update. With the way things are there is a lot of room for hackers to take advantage.
I was in a VW beta 3 years ago that was forever creating loose ends and leaving many questions unanswered. The end result of that WV was it just shut down and all our work was handed over to Yahoo for free. We where told that the WV was being developed with Occlus Rift in mind. This was in 2012. Some people that had the money wasted it buying the Occlus
Some paid over $150.00 to rent an island for the 1st year.
They should be more than one @chris to help with the many questions people ask about their OS and HF.
Honestly if we have people using the Mac then HIFI should have helpers that deal with Mac and HiFi.
The same with Windows and Linux.
I do not believe in multi tasting. Things get confusing and then nobody what’s to put their hand up and say I do not understand what is going on.
But you have helped me make my mind up. I will not be wasting any money on the Occlus.