I seem to have been demoted


I can no longer access the forum lounge. Have I been demoted? I am no longer a regular user for some reason.

Is it cause I had a month off over Xmas?? Is it cause of what I said about who I said it about? is it my breath? lol

I read the whole Badges thing but cant really gauge my level of activity from the tools given.
Anyway this pointless post is mainly designed to stir up some stardust in a halfassed attempt at getting my lounge credentials re-activated.

So in a shameless tilt at drawing some likes, here are a few quotes that I may or may not have invented.

Live long and prosper
May the force be with you
Do or do not, there is no try
Make it so.

Have a nice virtual day.


I see you as a member with 11 badges. So, it looks like a micro blackhole passed by your router and sucked some life out of your net coms.


Is there a first blackhole badge?


/me wonders what a forum lounge is


/me wonders what a blackhole badge is.


A funny thing happened while I was wondering what happened to my regular status, I was granted regular status.

I did notice that my profile pic was missing for a few weeks and replaced with a single letter. I went to my profile and clicked a few things and added some lies about myself and saved and my pic came back.

Anyway I have made it back to regular user, and have keys to the executive lounge again.

I have probably broken the first rule of the Lounge by talking about the lounge outside of the lounge, but the second rule says rule one is obsolete and has been replaced by its QML equivalent. So update, reboot and drink up.


I guess it is my non use of online social stuff but, is all news to me. Gives up and proudly displays my pink T and lack of badges etc.


Is there a Thanks for Trying badge?