I was robbed, very very frustrating


I know, nothing I publish on my server is secure, but it can’t be right, that someone get the objects I have built, and publish them on a other Domain without a permission. Today I found a domain ‘hello’ with some of my buildings. The host of this Domain is called ‘seefo’. I’m totally pissed off and very frustrated :frowning:

A question in general, and esp. directed to the HF staff. What will Highfidelity do, to avoid this - or make it harder to just copy stuff? I mean, no serious creator will permanently publish on highfideltiy, when all and everything just can be dublicated without permission, without a question?

I closed my domain for now. It makes absolutely no sense for me, if I work hours for hours, for nothing, just to get robbed of the stuff.

Attention, sellers, creatives, & entrepreneurs

Wow… That’s a bit weak.

We are clearly not protected against that.


Annoying have they re hosted your work or are you serving it for them?
Url’s need to be hidden in the log
Also I have been messing withe the ktx oven tool .converts the textures to ktx which blender won’t open by default.


They just copied the URL from the logs, so I’ve changed the location on server side. Yes, urls need definitely to be hidden in the logs! Thanks for the hint with the ktx oven tool, I will figure that out.


I am sorry to hear that.
The best protection offered right now is to host all your stuff on your ATP.
and remove it from your webserver.

That way the URL is useless anywhere except your domain.
Hackers will have a few ways of stealing your content right out of the interface, but most of the content pirates simply grab what is easy to grab, and stuff on your server is just waiting to be stolen.

They simply download the FBX, or as Judas suggested cheeky enough to leave it there and serve it out of your webserver onto their own domain.

Hifi wont be involved in take downs between domain owners, only Hifi’s domains. However they may be able to give contact details for that domain owner. It is up to you as the content creator to issue a take down notice to the owner of the offending domain.


Hi @Adrian, thanks for DMCA takedown link. But I have a question about the ATP. I’ve used that earlyer, but if I remember right, I’ve read somewhere here in the forum, entities deliverd out by the ATP, slow down the Domain. That was the reason I stoped using it. Is it true, or am I wrong?


Sadly that is true, the whole original idea was to keep us decentralized and let the asset server become an external source for speed and management.
But we screamed for a local solution for small users so they didnt need to buy extra hosting, the by product of this gave us a secure way of hosting our assets.
Its quite workable for small to medium domain loads, it only becomes noticeable when several people log into your domain at once and they all try to load the assets at once, then you see asset lag.
It wont affect anything once the content has loaded for each user.

There are a few other limitations such as texture handling but overall its great.

Use it for your precious creations and stuff that has limited licenses, but basic stuff or freebies that you might download, or anything that is of little value to anyone else can be hosted remotely.


I surely have wanted Skimi’s work, because it’s great, but theft is not in my wheelhouse.
I know that the ability to steal items in HF has been a reason many have given me for not coming to HF.
This really has to be solved before we start to lose good people, and fail to attract new ones.


Totally agrees, we can never stop those with the coding skills ripping content but we must beable to stop those who can work cut paste, what about a property in the create tools , hide or show the url in log option

regrets stealing DrFrans wheelhouse


Yes, it is the casual scoopers* that you really want to stop with the tech. The serious thieves can better be dealt with via the legal system.

*many of whom just assume that because they technically can copy, they are allowed to.


make sure your server settings are correct as anybody could grab your stuff with you don’t have anything lockdown


The issue is rampant even on so called protected content worlds, not making excuses mind you as I totally understand the sinking feeling when someone else is lifting your work.

In some ways theft is the ultimate form of flattery, even in this world where we don’t have a marketplace yet, but it absolutely needs to have some basic protection, even if its just policy enforced.

I expect anything I have made so far for HIFI (if anyone thinks its any good) has been lifted. I am close to going the opposite way and providing the source files (blender/substance etc…) so people can use it for learning/starting points. For every thief out there, there may be 10 genuine interested people who would want to learn how to make this stuff as well.



Oof. Two things:

  1. This appears to have been done by someone working in our office–unsure why as of yet. This isn’t something we encourage, and we’ll be clarifying that policy to all staff today. We’ll also make sure your copied stuff gets deleted.

  2. Longer term, we’re committed to protecting user content and plan to announce our approach in the next month.

So sorry this happened, @Skimi!

Attention, sellers, creatives, & entrepreneurs

First of all, thank you to @all for your understanding and the advice and help. @jess, I appreciate your openness very much! And great to hear, you are working on some kind of protecting user content. By the way, guess I would be very pleased (and little bit proud), if your office member just had asked before he used the URL :wink:


speaking for me devs using any of my models im fine with, specially if it helps fixing bugs n stuff , should they sell any of it 60/40 split works fer me :stuck_out_tongue: