ICE server needs a swift kick


Place names not working again for some domains.


On it. We have a fix that should be going out this afternoon.


Thanks, BTW, when that happens (when interface runs afoul of not connecting to the domain), Interface goes into an infinite loop when shutdown. It being cool this morning in Santa Cruz, the maximally running fans on my laptop are bringing a nice touch of warmth. :smiley_cat:


Ah… maybe this is my connection problem with Localhost verses placename. I had an issue where logging on to previous location would connect when it was localhost but not placename, even though it was the same location. I thought I had crashed the PR domain.


It was odd though because as far as I could tell it was only on login because (enter)placename worked.


Yep, the ICE server needs a another swift kick. My place names are not working though domains are up.


Same problem here: can get to localhost but not server’s placename.


I can go to my server’s placename from the localhost. Not from anywhere else.


ICE server has been kicked … placename is working again for me


I am noticing some place names not working again, might be the ICE server needing a jolt.
(and yes 33 days ago it last happened, so I guess that’s an improvement!)

With ‘conference’ I restarted the domain (even though I could reach it locally via IP address), and that got it to be reachable by place name again.

Domain ‘Franny’ is not reachable presently.