Idea: Asset theme locks for domains


Say you have a medieval themed or a 1950’s theme. It would be great to restrict avatar outfits and models shown to the theme. If you had a WWII war themed game domain, it would ruin the dynamics of the domain to find a laser pistol or someone in a pirate outfit. If a user didn’t have an outfit or the domian theme, they would automatically get a free basic one.

To make this happen, clothing and objects would have to have a list of themes saved with the asset. Then a domain operator would set the allowed themes for the domain. A 3rd party like High Fidelity could certify the themes for a small fee.

What do you think?


Great idea, typically this has to be handled with personal moderation. Having some kind of reference attributes you can tag assets with would be very useful for this sort of purpose.


Dont forget that the user always need to have the last word. so you need to present a dialog first. “Do you want to wear.” If you dont accept it TP it out. Or betetr like Secondlife have a welcome area. if you dont wear the clothing you cann ot leave the welcome area and enter the domain.

Otherwise it’s a nice griefing tool.