Idea: Pre-caching of domain


It would be awesome if we had a separate client service which allowed us to pre-cache all the objects in a domain outside of the interface and keep them synchronized. Say you are always visiting the same set of domains, and you are at work or sleeping. Your pc would go out and grab the objects then cache to the pc for use when starting your interface. This would greatly enhance your experience for that domain. Of course, the user would have to subscribe to the domain, set a bandwidth limit, and set a storage limit.

What do you all think?



Is there any difference between just leaving your PC logged in there? sounds like much work for same result.



The benefit is if I want to play a domain as a game, I don’t have to wait for the content to download as I move through the domain, nor have it overwritten due to space as I visit other domains. I can request the content to be downloaded and then go off visit other domains or use my pc graphics card for 3DS.

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A few weeks ago at a meetup here in HiFi I brought up the issue of asset download progress. Shortly after that a progress bar appeared in interface.

Actually the progress bar is not what I was talking about at all.

What I was talking about is a way to to know from a script if an asset or assets have been loaded.

Without this, it doesn’t matter if you request those assets to load, logged in or not, when you are inworld and want to have the experience, you should get all of it, not just what has loaded so far.

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Good point @Twa_Hinkle !

I also forgot one issue. Does the interface download the entire domain, or only what is within eye sight? If only what is within eye sight, the experience could be greatly enhanced if the assets where already downloaded by some pre-cache mechanism.

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