Ideas for kickstarting great content?


One of our current dev projects, slated for delivery around the start of July, is to get a basic free marketplace up and running for submissions from everyone. That new marketplace (which will build on the examples page found today in the client and at will be most helpful to new developers and early explorers of the world(s) if it has the best possible examples which are also freely editable to create derivative works.

In thinking about this, it seems like perhaps High Fidelity could help get that process going by picking a few categories or types of content and then either commissioning the work directly from interested people or having contests where we award prizes to the best entries.

Here are some categories/examples of things that we think make enough sense to fund in this way:

Pet: Follows people around with interesting movement and animation, does tricks (fetch?), etc.
Physical Toy: Most entertaining physical toy (no script)… e.g. horsheshoes, jenga, jacks, etc. Categories for 1 person vs 2+ persons.
Scripted Toys and Games: Mini-golf, RC cars, drone, desktop accessory, decoration in room, etc.
Musical Instrument: Something that is entertaining for creating sound. Category for 1, 2+ persons.
Starter Domain: Entire interesting themed space that can serve as a starter ‘base’ for a domain.
Ambient Sound Design: Space with amazing sounds that are fascinating to wander around and listen to.
Promethean Avatar: Iconic avatars that can serve as a baseline for future individualized modifications (sort of like races!). Create the immortals.
Fight Club: Two people fight in any way possible, in a manner that is both interesting challenging and entertaining to an audience.
Living Ecosystem: A forest made up of individual tree, grass, rock, bug, etc entities along with scripts that make them grow and change over time so they are always intersesting to re-explore.

What thoughts do you have, either on the categories or on the methods (RFP, Contest, etc) by which we might fund them?

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Could we submit ideas to work list .if you guys like the idea then you could fund it.
I don’t like the crowd sourcing competition thing people do as everyone but the winner is working for free.
If hi-fi had a pool of textures that we could all use for hi-fi products then everything made in this kickstarter could kept as efficient and small as possible and more importantly legal.


Good textures, that’s the most important thing needed to create, i have own collection. But it’s limited snd with hmd i need to adjust them.


I’ve got a couple of ideas:

Physics Mini Games

Promethean Avatars / Races:

  • Been discussing this in my emails for allowing for these :slight_smile:

Starter Domains:

  • A teleport nexus or a place that allows one to start discovering the worlds in High Fidelity… Which is why I grabbed the Domain Nexus a while back, because I was planning to make one

IMO Worklist is probably the best way to go forward for Tools, Games, Avatars;

But Competitions would be good for Experiences and Promethean Avatars. Something that is held bi-monthly perhaps?

Ofcourse, at first is probably a good idea to have everything in worklist until we get more populated here.


Oh Domain Ideas I have a few
I would love to make a domain Like in the old Road Runner & Wile E Coyote cartoons.
I was also playing with the Duck dodgers in the 251/4 century look,

The question of how to make an interesting domain that loads fast and runs smoothly in VR is ongoing but it does help after a fashion that my pc is classed as minimum spec.Everyone should get the same or a better experience than me.


Being able to define the LOD levels would also help tons for the individuals with minimum spec computers and ease off the load in some really complex scenes.


I think the examples are great, covered much ground. The ambient sound design is especially fascinating, can’t wait to experience something with a focus on that.

I’m also against competitions mostly, as Menithal suggests, maybe for avatars and other design/style oriented content it could be a good format.


Why not an obstacle course for the grappling guns? Players could accumulate points based on clearing different hurdles. Could be fun.


Ambient sound design is one of my fortes. Who do I contact to get it in HF?


Heya Bamboof! Let’s chat,


I am also interested in good sound. What do you have or provide?