If the grid size changed?


If the grid size changed? I created an zone entity as skybox at the position 0,0,0, but after the x position 16384 was the zone not more to seen.

When the size 65536x65536x65536 is, one would have to see the zone from x=0 to x=32768 (y=0; z=0). Or not?


The coordinates 0/0/0 is the center of the domain’s simulated space, so if domains were to grow again, there should be no lateral shifting. Presently, the domain’s coordinate range is -32768 to 32768 in all axes.


Actually buildable space is -16384 to 16384 in all axes.


Yes, I noticed it. The Zeropoint is in the middle of the domain now. I like it better so.

I think, it is so actually. +/-16384 is the visibility limit of the skybox zones. Thus, the domains have only the half size. Will does the domains increased again?


Right, forgot the increase of late was from 16K (-8192,8192) to 32K (-16384,16384).


Domains were originally buildable from 0,0,0 to 16384,16384,16384 - you could not build in the negative direction on any axes. Last summer (~early august) - we expanded the size of the domain by 8x, allowing you to build in the negative direction.

“Skyboxes” are always drawn in the distance, they are try skyboxes in that sense. They aren’t really drawn at “some location” they are drawn so that no matter where you are they appear to be at the limit of your visibility.

Zones are entities like any other entity. They can be big or small. Zones can be placed inside other zones. When you enter a zone, if it has a skybox, then we will change the skybox to match that zone you are in.

To repeat: we’ve never made the buildable space of a domain smaller, and we never will. We may in the future make the buildable space of a domain larger… but I don’t expect that change to happen any time soon.