If you are uploading mesh models, here are the hot keys


If using the hydras :

  • grab: grab models with the triggers, you can then move the models around or scale them with both hands.
    You can switch mode using the bumpers so that you can move models roud more easily.

If using the mouse :

  • Left click lets you move the model in the plane facing you.
  • If pressing shift, it will move on the horizontale plane it’s in.
  • Right click lets you rotate the model. z and x give you access to
    more axix of rotation while shift allows for finer control.
  • Left + right click lets you scale the model.
  • You can press r while holding the model to reset its rotation


Is there a way to scale an uploaded model by a specific multiple so that a multipart model will match in size exactly?


@johnnymagic not easily at the moment. But we do have a worklist job up to address this. I expect a solution soon