If your Domain server or assignment clients not start on windows


If you have problems with running the domain server or assigment clients not start. You need the assingment clients to get the following functions on your domain working. Without it you need see anything, not have audio or cannot move etc.


If you have problems with running your domain. open task manager. (ctrl-alt-esc) on keyboard. or search for Taskmgr in your start menu.

If task manager is open, check if your see the following assignment-client processes are running (click more details) first in windows 10

Also check if domain-server is running.

If one of them is not running check if the redistributables are installed.

If not, missing one or more redistributable’s

For the domain-server you need the MSVCR140.dll redistributable


For the assignment clients to run you need to have MSVCR120.dll redistributable.


When i write this High Fidelity is not doing a check if the are installed !

Domain server run, it seems to connect. But that's it