Im over 13 and yet i still get banned until my parents have 2 contact them


im over 13 but I god blocked from the room cause one of the moderators thought I was under 13 plz read this


Write an email to

Looking forward to meet you in TheSpot :purple_heart::sunglasses:


Age Requirements
By accepting this Agreement, you represent that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age and you have the legal authority to enter into this Agreement. If you are at least thirteen (13) years of age and less than eighteen (18) years of age, then your parent or legal guardian must read and accept this Agreement on your behalf.

Don’t write yourself; have your parents write in with your DOB and username


That doesn’t make ANY sense!

If the user space is 13+, then by being 13 years or older, they should be perfectly fine in going to the area. If the TOS states that the user must be 13+ with parental or guardian permission, then the sign should NOT state TheSpot is a 13+ area or should mention that users who are under the age of 18 need the extra permissions. Also, why is it that High Fidelity seems to be the only one with this kind of enforcement?

In fact, I now ask how far this TOS goes in application. Does this also effect other user domains? Is this an agreement for using the sign in services from High Fidelity?

On top of that, High Fidelity is cheating their TOS by not showing the sign upon user entry. That’s like having the domain bigboobsandgunz and putting the fact it’s an 18+ domain AFTER the user walks through the domain’s dungeon basement. Either make users obviously see “BTW, this is a 13+ domain. If you are under the age of 18, you cannot visit this domain (for some stupid unknown reason) without parental or legal guardian permission.” or don’t bother.

Heck, if the user comes in anonymously, then they haven’t agreed to the TOS at all. Does that mean all anonymous accounts therefore should not be in High Fidelity due to the fact they didn’t agree to the TOS?

Or in other words, the TOS needs to be front and center, not some hidden link with legalese to hide the giant wall of text, and agreed upon user entry for the domain(s) where they apply.


No. It doesn’t. However, we at the Studio agree the Terms and Conditions as well as the (( automatic information upload checkbox )) need some TLC. Would be interested to read a response on this from High Fidelity Inc. themselves.


Another factor here is that a blanket TOS requiring those between 13 and 18 to always get the permission of their parents first is going to totally kill, or at last greatly impair, the prospects of a middle-school wanting to take a whole class of students routinely into a HiFi domain of their choosing or crafting. Since one of the purposes of HiFi is to be a technology platform where as large a part of the population as want to can create projects there, this TOS decision has not been thought through as well as it probably should have been.

That said, there do need to be ways to declare a domain to be of a particular rating, akin to SL’s General, Moderate, and Adult rated sims. The trouble with THAT system is, it was devised with the assumption that Main Grid SL users would be 18 plus, with the teens on their own, separate grid, before LL decided that that cost too much and merged the two grids, but then disabled the accounts of all kids who were younger until they reached a certain age, and even THEN only allowed them on General sims. The deep, deep flaw with this is… there ARE opensim worlds specifically aimed at early teens (private ones run at the middle school itself, say) and also some aimed at preteens (private ones run at the elementary school itself, say). Also, Kitely very specifically DOES allow much younger kids, i.e. preschoolers (iirc), with grownup supervision to be in world there, provided they’re on General rated sims. But the giant flaw I’m talking about is, the virtual worlds like SL SHOULD have been designed with a wider sim-rating system, such that there WAS a rating aimed at preteens, and called THAT General, retained the old PG rating for those 13 and above, made the Moderate be equivalent to a PG-13, some other rating be equivalent to R, and THEN have an Adult rated to be for NC17 or something because, since opensim worlds inherited the ratings system, that would have allowed greater flexibility for those opensim worlds that needed it, and/or would have allowed those younger teens to still have been able to use SL after the teen grid was scrapped, rather than having that privilege cruelly yanked away from them purely due to cost-cutting.

HiFi, being much more future-oriented, and having been created now from scratch after SL showed its age, NEEDS TO have a wider range of domain ratings such as the ones I described, because absolutely they WILL BE needed if the ultimate expectation that the entire population of planet Earth will someday be in VR from a very early age onward are realized.


I gave a comment about this on the “Marketplace Adult Content” roadmap request:

Actually, this is a lot like Second Life with the difference between Mature and Adult… at least during when we had to ask years ago.

Mature was basically ‘nude is okay, just don’t do anything sexual’ with adult being ‘anything goes.’ As such, it allowed sims that sold ‘junk’ to be sold without issue as long as the advertisement did not show them in use. Things that would be used for porn would be in adult sims.

That being said, based on Hifi’s current rating system would technically allow for this, since SL only had 3 teirs (PG, Mature, Adult) with Hifi having 5 (Everyone, Teen, Mature, Adult, and Unrated). In this case, Everyone would be PG; Teen would be no nude, but more risque would be okay; Mature would match SL’s mature (tits are okay, but don’t juggle them), with Adult filling out the obvious. The only one that would be up for debate is Unrated.

With all that being said, as High Fidelity Inc operates the current placename ICE system, it would be up to them to establish the rules of the varying maturity ratings. Obviously, having the marketplace system follow it would create a tough issue for Mature and Adult due to how close of a threshold each is at (17+ vs 18+), which could impact domain operation as well (assuming the domain operator isn’t limited to a Mature domain only allowing up to Mature items when some items could be viewed or advertised as Adult when not actually used up to that rating).

This is why I ask about TOS enforcement on non-High Fidelity operated domains, since if your domain is using their placename system to appear in Goto, then you basically are under agreement in some fashion. There used to be a domain named “F**k” that became the most popular for about a day until it was removed from the listings, so there are obvious rules in place…


I find it amusing someone named their domain after the f-word. I wonder if the high visits count was purely because of the fact someone had the audacity to name it that. LOL! Was there anything even interesting on the domain, or was it empty? HAH!


I forget which layout they used. That was back when all the preset domain stuff was free and not $50. And yeah, I think it was the most popular strictly due to the name.


That type of policy is going to hurt High Fidelity. Some 17 year old isn’t going to bother getting their parents to email High Fidelity support, they’ll just uninstall it and go back to VRChat. It’s not worth the effort, before they even realize what makes High Fidelity cool they’re booted out. It’s so easy to lose a users interest, and this rule does just that.

Either they uninstall it, or they figure out how to go to other peoples domains. Like some teens have come to mine and seen risque duck paintings and naked (but barbied) kobolds. Excluding them from only official domains does absolutely nothing to protect them, The Spot would have been more age appropriate.

Also, nobody reads the ToS. Just have a checkbox on the sign up form that confirms parental consent or something. Make it easy.


It’s indeed a bit the opposite from what you expect. I would expect more rules like this.

  • Age and rule restrictions on user domains.

  • The official high fidelity domains for all ages, because the are the center , help and welcome area’s.


Not to mention, people think “I’ve been banned from Hifi” rather than “I’ve been banned from just these places.” When people are coming in for the first time and are being banned, when the platform is starving for new users, this is the LAST thing that would be expected. They haven’t even had time to figure out “Oh, I can still go to other places.”


So are you saying that with High Fidelity great wisdom. They are Banning children from the only places that are controlled and supervised. So that they can go and explore places that are not and more dangerous. Sounds like they’re trying to protect their own asses rather than protect the children. Good job HiFi.


I’ve made a canny post about it.