Image greater than maximum size: QUrl error but image loads


I am seeing errors on large skybox and terrain style textures like this…

[2014-08-06T15:41:49] Image greater than maximum size: QUrl( “…” ) 1600 1600
[2014-08-06T15:41:49] Image greater than maximum size: QUrl( “…” ) 2048 1024

They are large I know, but the image does load, and the textures are meant to be large for such skybox and terrain projections.

Can we clarify if there is REALLY a limit and what it is and make sure errors don’t show if its not a real limit?


There is a limit; textures that are larger than 1024x1024 are resized on load, and that warning is shown. In other words, if you’re happy with how they look, you can resize the image files yourself and avoid the warning.


Thanks @Andrzej understood now. Will rescale images from now on even when large ones are needed for items like skydomes.

Does any resizing take place below 1024x1024… e.g to reduce down to nearest lower power of 2? Useful to know when we have a choice of the origination size for new images.


Nope, we don’t resize anything smaller than 1024.

Obviously that limit is somewhat arbitrary; we’ll probably revisit it somewhere down the road to allow larger textures when they’re actually needed, as they are for skyboxes.