IMPORTANT - Do not update your stack manager right now


There is a bug in the latest server builds. Wait for the all clear before you do.


tyvm for the warning. i did the regular grid update version and was about to update the stack manager too but i stopped cause i saw this… lets us know when its safe to continue…


ok updates, no wait what?


Um yeah, too late, you release it I use it.
What will it do?
The interface said not compatible, so the cure for that is update.

What kind of problems can I expect from this please?

Maybe its time to get the “latest vs stable release” program rolled out.

Updated to the next one, doesnt seem to be any problems now :slight_smile:


We are investigating an issue. Try to not update, if you can avoid it. I will give the all clear when ready.


…but stack manager updates automatically every time it is run?