IMPORTANT: Metavoxels are going to be removed from the system



In discussions within the company today (post Alpha meeting), we were looking at what we want to focus on for an open alpha MVP. The key components are:

  • Entities
  • Physics
  • Voice
  • Avatars

There is still a significant amount of work that needs to be made on Metavoxels for them to perform at an acceptable level and we feel we can speed the execution of other priorities if we remove them. We’re going to take them out for now, and after we get to public alpha re-design them with your input to be a different system.

@ozan and @ryan are looking at a number of different techniques to get similar results with FBX and shall report back soon.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Last night I drempt that you had let 2 new alphas in both with abusive sounding names, they released a plethora of self replicating cubes into my domain.
These cubes tunneled through the metavoxels rendering my creations like Swiss cheese.
So on reading this I can only say good riddance to them.

re Swiss Cheese, possibly less of it b4 bed


You really know you have been on the computer too long when you have multiple simultaneous dreams in different windows. Interestingly, even though each had its own overlapping audio, there was no interference in comprehension.


Ai, no terrain for a long time. That’s bad news.


@Richardus , with the focus on entities and physics, we will be able to get to a walkable terrain much quicker.


I’m just going to leave this here:

Did your dream look like this?


Ha! I can see it now, the SWAT team tosses a flashbang into your computer room, and hauls you kicking and screaming away. I got the hell out of SL the day they announced that the kiddies were to be playing in the Adult area. I do hope, at some point, that “Adult” and “Underaged” can be restricted from each other, unless the area is designated “PG13” or such.


I imagine that would be up to the individual domain administrator.

Some sort of proof-of-age token may be needed (which should be optional and entirely under explicit user control of disclosure, please!)


So, does this mean no more building unless you are skilled at mesh? As a corellary, I was just told that you have to build a platform to have somewhere to stand in world as mesh are phantom without some kind of crazy scripting.


@051R15 051 Physics is still worked on. Build tools are stil, going to grow.
For now you can create things with entities inworld to, but right now limited.
Not done to much with entities myself, so mabey soemone else can tell more.

I would say, just try it. click on the edit button cen ter right on your screen.

Mesh gives more flexibility


I think this is a bad idea.
I join HiFi for the voxels and to build with voxels and to have procedural generation terrain and biomes ( ) .


@dadix4e You still can do it, but use the entity box instead.


what is a entity? it’s a mesh , a prim ?


An entity, at this time, is 1 of 4 things.


Everything is mesh in the end :slight_smile: The entities are somewhat akin to prims in SL/OS but with less features. Primary use for me of cube entity is to fake physics shells.


when my intel graphics bug was happening I could see entities but not mesh, so who knows


Different rendering pipeline it seems. It was a bit disingenuous saying it’s all mesh - but at end of day it’s all the same that gets fed to GPU to make the pretty pixels (or not if that section is unhappy).


i have this external device that explains it better :wink:


I can’t really complain about the existing metavoxels being removed, since I heard they weren’t very stable and their implementation didn’t seem best either. But I really hope there will eventually be a replacement and it’s not a feature lost forever! I actually started a thread for discussing a new smooth voxel system, which can be found here for everyone else interested in this feature: