Importing avatars for highfidelity vr?


Hi guys, is there any way to import rigged avatars in highfidelity vr?


Yes there is
long explination tho but the short version is we are compatible with the mixamo fuze rig
well any really but thats the one compatible with the built in animations
once u have somthing rigged to match that u need to package the avatar
in hifi with the advanced menus turned on u get a package model option under edit
u stick everything that makes in a folder on a web visible server and link to the fst file
that url goes under the settings avatar bit

the quick try it out method is to use the fuze auto rigger

a dig around the forum will reveal alot more on the process as theres differances depending on the software you’re using blender maya etc


Thanks for the reply!
Is there any sort of easy video tutorial for newby like me? I have no much experience at all in this. Thanks!



You might get trouble with blender about the rigging.
Here’s an alternative:


Thank you so much! I will try!