Importing Objects, Textures, Issues Etc...(Hey Modelers I need your help!)


So for the last two weeks I’ve been figuring out how to bring in models using Amazon Web Services etc…

But I have an issue involving a dome like environment I have created.

#1) The textures which include normal maps and images are not displaying although I am 100% exporting them properly from C4D.

#2) The walls from the inside of the dome are invisible but on the outside they are solid. This leads to users getting stuck in a dome that they cannot see.

I assume that like video games having a low poly count on my object is something to be desired but just how low in density should I go?


Heya and welcome!

I don’t think anyone else has tried using C4D so not sure on the flow there.

Are you using fbx or obj? As of the moment I think obj might not support textures

  1. Make sure textures are either JPG or PNG. Tga is not supported
  2. Most game engines, including High fidelity have backface culling on by default to avoid rendering polygons twice, unfortunately there is currently no way to turn it off, so the normal direction (direction which polygons naturally face) would only be rendered, the backface is not.

I hope that answers your question :slight_smile: