Impossible starter tutorial


Thought I would come back and see how things are going, especially as I have a Vive now.

Download, and install without problem.

Put on the headset and see some English text about picking up a wrapped firework.

There isn’t one. I see a fire barrel, some balls. That is all.

Took off headset, uninstalled. Will try again in a few years maybe.

As a suggestion the tutorial should have a whopping big red arrow that appears if the user is clearly having problems.


Well - I agree that wrapped firework is a “poor” choice of description, but, the balls at a distance from you = wrapped fireworks that can be picked up and dropped in fire close to your avatar initial position. I do agree – some additional hints might be nice. Having done the tutorial hundreds of times at this point it’s easy to forget it’s not obvious.


When I first installed and came into High Fidelity, I stood in that tutorial room for a while and had to think it through. The hardest part for me was picking up the lighter - for some reason I’d keep dropping it. I stuck to it though and kept trying. It was a major celebration when I finally lit that fuse - lol.

So I completed the tutorial and thanks to the learning curve - the one that makes you stand there and work it though logically - I feel I can navigate all over HiFi with ease. But hey, I’m techy - so I tried this out on my boyfriend (who, well, um… isn’t). He grasped this faster than I did because he wasn’t wrapped up in details like I was. He just grabbed the controllers and threw caution to the wind.

I think this is a thoughtful tutorial that does require you to think and work it out. Every great learning hurdle should be challenging. And once you complete the challenge, you really feel a sense of accomplishment. My best advice is to stick with it. Try it again. It’s okay to fail and honestly, it shouldn’t be a tutorial you breeze through. It should keep you there a while until you really understand the concept.

My wishlist on the tutorial would be to not stop at just turning around and teleporting. Show people how to walk forward and backward, how to move side-to-side, and how to fly. And finally, how to bring up the tablet - as this device is the core of the HiFi experience. These are all basic commands that people should know before exiting the tutorial.


The other responses to your post are probably better listened to than mine, but I have to say if you were here years ago, you must be able to see the difference since then. Even so, HiFi is still not a finished product yet and most of us here are glad of that. New features added all the time etc.

If you really “put on headset” looked around, didn’t see what was mentioned in the text and then “took off headset and uninstalled”, it makes me wonder if maybe a beta release is not the right thing for you, or that you maybe had your mind made up before you even downloaded it. If you really would like to try HiFi, just ask if you are having problems and I am sure people will be there to help you.


I respect that you enjoyed the difficulty of a tutorial, in my eyes the tutorial should be clear and easy. Leave the puzzles until one steps outside.

Mislabelling coloured rubber balls as fireworks isn’t the way to ensure your new users step out into the world. It’s a fake hurdle. Make it easy for new people by labelling things correctly If it’s a coloured rubber ball, label it as such. Time interactions, and when the response isn’t gained in x amount, drop a hint for them.

Otherwise, it all just ends up being a repeat of the nightmare of the Sl tutorial in 2006.

A lot more than a year ago, more like 2-3.

I was here in the pre-alpha, before any of this existed, when you would appear in world in a sandbox filled with mess.

I was curious, curious if my skills could be of use, curious as to the possibility of my new Vive, and curious about improvements from the time I was compiling this on Debian 2-3 years ago.

First thing I am hit with is a mislabelling of some rubber balls.

Nothing changed.

Good luck to you all, you are all still stubborn and argumentative, and still unwilling to listen to the thoughts of a new pair of eyes.

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As of this writing, I’ve been here a grand total of 8 days. :smile:

Good luck to you in whatever you choose to do.


This guy is right, the problem is that if you install both interface and sandbox and immediately launch with the HMD, you are forced to do the tutorial… it’s not that it’s impossibly hard, good or bad, it’s that its broken, and doesn’t fully load most of the time.

What should happen is by default sandbox should not be installed, only interface… then the new user would be sent to Welcome area.

If the user does want to install sandbox, then it should default to arriving in a grid-floor type of space with an option to go the tutorial.


Hi all,

I’m Alisa, I’m the Product Manager currently responsible for the Tutorial. We’ve been focusing on that experience recently and have already pushed some improvements, but we know it needs more!

-We do have a planned text change to call the objects “round fireworks”. Since when we update the tutorial content it asks all our current users to update their sandbox we try not to do it too frequently. But based on this feedback perhaps we should increase our urgency around this change.

-In these early stages of VR, it’s my personal belief that we shouldn’t assume that new users already know how to navigate in VR. Controls are different from product to product and some users may have never used hand controllers at all. Interestingly, due to a bug we have had several hand controller HMD users who missed the tutorial and just landed in welcome. As a group, they don’t do so well.

-All that being said, we know that there have been some serious issues with the tutorial not loading properly. It’s something that has been very difficult for us to fix since we haven’t been able to reproduce it in the office. If you’ve experienced this or experience it in the future and you’re willing to help out by sending us logs and answering some questions, we would really really appreciate it! Feel free to PM me and I’ll follow up with you!

Thanks to all of you for using High Fidelity and helping us to improve it!


It would be better if that popup disapear complete. No question for updating.
It’s so dangerous that you click by accident yes and lose your whole domain.
It did happen once for me.

Cursing that window after every update.
I think it’s better to not run the tutorial at the users system, it sucks.
Just a central high fidelity tutorial domain where to user get send to for the first time sounds a much better option. Except that does not work well with more users at the same time.


Personally I agree with you, but it’s a fairly large project that will have a bunch of other unintended consequences. For example, users with poor internet connections would have a worse experience. It’s on my to-do list but needs to be carefully thought through.


People cant read minds, a ball is a ball.

A firework looks like this…

Even if it was working properly people would still wander around looking for a firework because they know what a ball is and they know what a firework is. Just because you tell each other a ball represents a firework doesn’t mean everyone else suddenly knows a ball is a firework.
How hard would it be to make the firework actually look like a firework?
Or you could even just put the word Firework on a ball and that would fix it.
In my opinion “Round Fireworks” is just as misleading and wont solve the problem.


:bomb::boom:This could be easily fixed?