Impossible to run / Terrible Performance



I’m trying the Interface, connecting to a SandBox on a i7-6500, 8GB and a 980 GTX, clean system and its impossible to run under an HTC Vive.

Not only 0 FPS, it just crash the Graphic controller on the basic home scene. Any workaround? Any chance to get older or developer builds?



hey there - sorry to hear about your problems – you can try a dev version by selecting one from the dropdown at If given the option when starting up Interface, choose to reset all your settings. If you continue to have problems, please get in touch and we’ll try to file a bug! (incl. which version you’re using, thanks)


Having the same issue. Lag out of my mind.


Well, same problem with the DEV versionl. I have sent a detailed report to check it out.


Did you try to set “Performance” on Nvidia settings?

I used to lag very much without setting it.