Impressive demo of 'nested' levels of VR by Mark Zuckerberg


I’m bewildered and thrilled by this marvellous demo of VR by Mark Zuckerberg.

Being an avid supporter of HighFidelity, dare I ask if HighFidelity will match or surpass this, or is it a collaborative project with FaceBook?

The latency seems pretty good, the avatars similar to HighFidelity avatars.


Bruce Thomson in New Zealand.


Great smooth transitions in that FB VR demo. The question to ask is what kind of effort it takes to program those experiences seen in that demo. I know here in HF the complexity to realize those experiences is extreme. If the barrier to doing this in FB VR is much lower than HFVR, then this is fair competitive warning and a challenge for HF to step up and move. It will not take very long for FB VR to catch up quickly to realistic looking avatars.

The one thing of note in the FB VR is the expressions capture or synthesis, yes, a little bit cartoony, but it works. HF used to have wonderful expression capture and tossed it. This is another unfortunate loss fro HF, something it had better get back soonest.

Open source is not a de facto winning strategy. What does work is a low entry barrier and rich experiences that makes it happen for everyone. That there are arcane discussions on the meaning of ‘this’ even for developers is another warning. The geek and high programming barriers are critical design issues that need to be addressed.


I did hold back. but…
The facebook experiences would be the most terrible one i have seen.

  • The avatars look ugly
  • The mouth is animated in a terrible way
  • And you need facebook.

And no facebook as long the not drop real life name requirements
So, it;s not something to get exciting about.


I believe they also said the facial expression stuff was handled manually in some way, as in selected from a control panel or something, rather than one where it changed automatically based on your RL facial expression.