Improve download link


That where a small littering of just fresh installed system.
And some hunting why i did only got the client installed and not the server i only wanted. Already where confuised from the installer that it did not gace the option.

Seems high fidelity changed the download package and removed the sandbox option. For that you need to look around again on the website to figure out it’s a difefrent download.

The second time i did not see that when i tried to figure out where the sandbox where , until you reload the webpage.
Not sure why thing are made difficult now by removeing the option for sandbox installer. Out of the main package. Something todo with steam ?

The only solution i can think about is to improve the website and make it clear wich button to click on is to add 2 buttons that say

  • Download Client
  • Download Server

Not figured out why the server version also need the client.
If you have 2 buttons like that it’s clear what you need to downlaod and what it’s doing.

Now you firts need to press download (after refresh the webpage) to figure out download button is not the server.


After you did first downoad the wrong client. You see this page.

And that made it double confusing because there’s no notice it’s client only. Nothing to go back to the main page to. If you press downlaod again you get the same not wanted client only.


At least make it a button.
Not sure what is wrong with high fidelity that like to replace buttons for text links in different interfaces. Text is not clear to spot as link. We see that in high fidelity apps. zand it’s clear it does not work on the website to. Especallity when you have a “DOWNLOAD” button just above it.

Guess what people click !


I encountered some confusion as well, but i really like the fact that you can download the client only now. This makes way more sense for new users, but for the oldbies it takes some adjusting…

The UI to ‘show’ the full client + sandbox link is not obvious though… why not just have both links visible at the start?

Overall though its a big improvement since the whole sandbox installing by default thing was setting new users off on the wrong track.


Just need 2 buttons:

[ Download Client only]

[Download Client and Server]

Then no ambiguity.


You just to pay attention before you click on things.
Especially when you’re downloading stuff.

And the font size is big enough for 98% of the world population.


Nobody compained about the font.
And i did pay attention. That is why i clicked the download button. and i got the download location dialog that says highfidelity.exe. That’s the correct file. (in the past)