Impulse Reverb Zone


In regards to live music spaces, I think including the option of using an impulse response based reverb zone would add uniqueness to each venue. I believe there is a ladspa convolution reverb.

Edit: Freeverb3


The fancier LADSPA reverb is not there, but basic reverb feature is presently available for zones within a domain. You can set decay time and wet/dry mix. Go to the settings panel in your domain,


I have experimented with that, I am making a suggestion on how to improve on it. If there is a plan to incorporate what I’m referring to, I am not aware of it.

What I mean is that as a feature to world developers being able to use any impulse response of their choice would lead to a more immersive experience, particularly in live music. Concert halls are renowned for their distinctive acoustics, and if something like a convolution reverb were added to the client and server world developers could distinguish their venues by using unique impulse responses.


If I recall correctly, there is a local-client side script that allows you to do some advanced reverb controls, that arent just Reverb / Wet Dry Mix. They were talking about it quite a bit a while back so some may have forgotten about it.

The basics of it would be to have the server force the client to run the script when the user is within a Zone to create the audio reverb effect. You can see this demonstrated with the “reverbTest.js” script that comes with the client.


We use to use
It was really cool tek in the way you could pretty much fingerprint the reverb response of a given could make your own presets by recording sinewave sweeps in the space .