In game editing tools and mesh models


My main worry right now is that normal users will have little ability to personalize their avatars to an acceptable degree.

In SL we have the ability to at least retexture mesh avatars in world without access to the original model. I think this the bare minimum required to make people happy. It’s almost taboo to wear a stock avatar as provided by a creator without personalizing it.

My question to the forum is what else do you think can be done to allow users who are not the creators of models to be able to edit/customize them without access to the original files?


No sure why you would have that worry, We’re a long way off from where Second Life is at right now. I’m sure customization tools will come along at some point, and, there’s really no reason one can’t make any avatar they want, rigged and clothed however they want.


Make no mistake I am well aware of how early in the project it is and how much will come. This is merely dreaming about what could be possible in the future.

The problem is people do not make their own avatars. We that can are an extreme minority. And I am sure in the future hifi will be targeted at more then just the few people who dedicated the time needed to learning these difficult skills.

So far SL is the only thing, and I mean that literally, where you can actually personalize your avatar to where it is truely unique. Other VWs fail at this.

Now that we have entered a world where avatars are often single, rigged models, enabling the ease of customization that SL had becomes more difficult.

While you could say, “People can just learn to use professional tools.”. That’s fine. But if hifi could come up with some innovative solution that would be awesome.
SL did this with in world editing of basic primitives, a great thing of it’s time.

My question was what are some possible ways to overcome the challenges of this new world where primitives have been left behind for character design. And keep what SL had going for it, the ability for people with no prior skills to customize their appearance at a very fine level.


This will most likely be completely possible especially as blendshapes support. (Right now it’s rudamentary and I haven’t explored it further, so I can’t speak for custom blendshapes.)

Unfortunately with these, Its just a matter of the content creators to make all the max shape variations and bone translations (scale and translation and rotation) for the avatar mesh to enable the customization of the avatar to a level or beyond the level what is SL. Currently I’ve been working on writing one, but I have been having to do research on it.

Blendshapes (also known as shapekeys) are basically the one of ways how SL handles body shapes and facial animations. They are already used in HiFi for facial animations so we are half way there.

This means extra work for the avatar creators to allow end users to customize the avatars. We also need to think of a standardization so that shape mixes people create apply for every avatar in their own unique way.

This however only addresses base avatar shapes and textures. Attachments are still of question as we can’t bind bones of attachments to avatars own bones (instead they are just attached to an avatar bones with offset)

It also does not address entity creation to the ease of primitives in SL. But most likely we will see components made that can be used to build things. We do need some improvements to the build script though to support material selection and texture changing.

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I’m following you @Menithal because the Alphas decided to stand behind you for avatar standardization; so anything you’re putting on the forum, I’m simply trying to stay current.