In world meeting - 2 PM PST


Hello all!

Today at 2 PM PST we’ll be having an open in-world community meeting at Playa. Discussion and question topics welcome, just add them to the thread so we can prepare.

See you there! Since it’s Friday the 13th bring something unlucky!

(Apologies for not posting time in other time zones)


Bring something unlucky? :smiley: :smiley: I’d show up wearing a black cat av if we had one. I usually wear one on SL every Friday the 13th. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


BTW, does anyone remember what the most recent text-chat script was named? It doesn’t seem to be running on my Interface, but I can’t remember what it was called so I could relaunch it.


@Nathan.Adored Here’s my chat script:


Ah yes, tytyty, running it now.


Okay, after the meeting someone brought up XBox controllers being run through Win10. I wonder what the best choice of inexpensive game controllers for use in Interface are. Would one be able to just slap in a cheap, USB game controller and use it in HiFi? One of those things with the 4-way rocker switch and the paddle-switches and buttons?

i.e., one of these or one of these for instance?


Great meeting , nice to hear all those development updates. i really feel I understand where its heading now


Yes, it has been a good meeting. I liked what I heard in the suggestion of someone presenting a created hash code as ID for certain in-world tasks and transactions.


Yes hashtags really exciting races to blog it



suggestion for next weeks meet up

  1. what you been working on this week
  2. whats been in the news
  3. what is coming up
  4. AOB


I did choice for the xbox one controller because that works for sure. Oculus rift use it too.


It looks like that won’t happen. Instead, some kind of OAuth based permissions with fine grained scopes will be done, though the ‘when’ part is TBD. Just a reminder to devs that implementing this is important else inventory systems and anything else that relies on a permanent ID association of product to avatar cannot happen.