In-world meeting Friday 2:30 - 4 PM at Playa


UPDATE: We’ll meet outside the giant Vive controller on the Playa, here: playa/-272,-8,-294

This week’s in-wold meeting begins on Friday at 2:30 PM PST at Playa followed by a 3 PM presentation from our own Philip Rosedale on the 2016 roadmap. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn about the future of HF and to share your insights, ideas and comments. 21:30 GMT for those with alternate timezone lifestyles.

As usual, feel free to list anything you’d like to discuss below. For comments and ideas for Philip’s followup roadmap meeting, share your ideas and questions here: Development Roadmap, H2 2016



Awesome, lets see if I can inject some caffeine in my blood and stay awake through the entire session :smiley:


This is great and important. Can we please meet somewhere else (even on the playa) where the content is minimal? There are too many people including myself who cannot be there reliably because the amount of content, textures, etc. overwhelm our systems. Also, since the audio injector bug remains, that specific location with its audio toys will guarantee all of us losing audio.


I agree! Let us meet at the giant Vive controller on the Playa.



Philip can wield this.


@Caitlyn Why is there not a direct link on the docs page to the javascript commands ? I have a direct link to most of the commands i think. But a normal user cannoit find the list and the search engine is complete useless if you now know the command.

Extra menu option under the CODE section the point users to would be nice. unless that page is already outdated too.

I have anyway the idea that there’s still not a list with all commands.


@Caitlyn Will today’s meetup be videoed?


@David yes indeed it will


I have this image of it being videoed independently by a buncha people. :smiley:


Here is the Avatar standard doc I was talking about that I wrote up a good long time ago.


And now we’re on Stack.


Come join us for the roadmap discussion at the Stacks on Playa!


Incidentally, if we DO have designations for maturity level for objects in Market and for domains (and there by definition needs to be one), there needs to be a wider range of it than just SL’s General, Moderate, and Adult. There needs to be an all-ages one that covers all the way down to kindergarten age (so a given domain can be used at a preschool, say), maybe even one that allows ONLY kindergarteners and their teachers and staff., also one that means young people of say 12 and over, one that means late teens and over, one that means 18+, one that means 21+ and is for NC17 and or X-rated stuff, etc.