In-world meeting today at 2 PM PST



Inworld stores, the where so much fun in secondlife. Now high fidelity solved the problem with prim limits. we don’t have any.

It would be nice and brings the inwold immersive feeling back.
I would use some webpage to use as search machine but you always shop on the domain.

But can we not combine both ?, you shop inworld. look at the item in 3D, mabye can try the demo. And the final sale is getting handled by the marketplace. imitiated from the inworld shop.

Thinking in the vive way, go in the shop. Get a basket or shoppingcart or just walk in. and grab the items you want. and go to the checkout to pay. The checkout is linked to marketplace.

But really, shopping from a flat screen, how you do that with hmd ?


To hook on to the other post. parcel/privacy zone.

To make it possible to have inworld shop on domin. we need parcels or security zones with black/whitelist and edit permission list. So domain owners can have parts of the domain open for everybody but keep the other part secure. Only not complete what to see from zone one when you look into zone two. i think only terrain.

Domin is big enough that you can cver the emptiness from the other zone in the first zone.

Some functionallity make a domain more flexible.



Wanted to wait, but asking now. Why do i hear more and more the disturbing news that you cannot jump with the htc vive. What !? but how can we get up on sidewalks, or a little bump. Ir just jump out of a hole in terrain or nump on chair.

If it’s not possible why not ? and how can it be fixt ?



You can. Its just a tad bit tricky since its bound to the trackpad controls