In-world meetup, Friday May 6 2016 @ playa 2-3 PM



Tomorrow we’ll be having our weekly meet-up in-world at the playa domain. Anything you’d like to talk about? Questions you’d like answered? Lemmeno!

See you then, 14:00-15:00 PM PST.



That would be Friday May 6th. PDT


Aaaayup, I was about to say… :smiley:


Derp! Fixed it… thanks :smiley: :smiley:


For the international people:
For further announcements, could we please use UTC/GMT. HiFi is pretty much an international project, so it’s easier for people to calculate from UTC to their timezone.


I like the Secondlife time, that is what the use now. it’s easy for me to covert that back. with UTC. it’s guessing for log time. or at least tricky.


Pacific time is SL time. :slight_smile:


But this isn’t SL :frowning:
The thing about UTC is that it never changes. There’s no summer time or something. Pretty easy to convert from/to.


Shrugs - I prefer UTC as well. As to this not being SL… wow. No wonder I was so confused and couldn’t find my stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:


Course, the main office for HiFi are in SanFran, pretty much like the ones for LL are, which explains why they both announce the events in Pacific time. Probably couldn’t hurt to give it in both Pacific time and UTC time, though. Mind you, it’s trivially easy to plug “What is 2pm Pacific time in UTC?” into a search engine if Pacific time confuses you.


Rather than be geocentric, let’s agree to use Star Trek’s galactic standard, the Star Date clock/calendar adjusted for our century.

The next meetup will be at Stardate 69812 :smiley:


LOL!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Well, I suppose at some point, as the Metaverse becomes much more widespread and populated, we might wind up seeing some sort of consensus for what the official in-world time and date system is across the Metaverse, tho it also seems likely they’ll come up with a scripted object that lets you plug in whatever local time your event is set for, and it displays it in that, and in UTC and in Pacific time and stuff.

Or they might just stick with Pacific time, simply because that’s what we started out using. :slight_smile:


@Caitlyn I would like to discuss lighting.

Can we get some update on where it’s heading?

The use of AO/Lightmap channel is confusing. Is the long term goal to support lightmap baking?
Exporting lightmaps is a very advanced process. Typically they are baked using world tools.
Will we see better global illumination/dynamic lighting?

Where should content creators set their sights?
The current lighting solution requires a lot of tweaking to get anything like a subtle effect.

Is GI being considered?
I was having problems with just getting hard edges to show, I can bake a subtle map to the lightmap channel to get around this, but it would help to get some more information at this stage.


Now you know that means we have to have a Starship now @Caitlyn


I would like to talk briefly about DRM, not the specifics at the Friday meetup, but to see if we can get a date for another DRM specific meeting. Here I mean to discuss basic authentication (is this domain stack ID ‘x’, is this avatar ID ‘y’.


I would also like to know a date for a physics meeting. I have a laundry list to share :slight_smile:

Again, not to discuss the detail in the meetup, but to see if we can schedule a date for another physics meeting with the devs.


I would like to discuss whether HF would like to set up a wiki where we can contribute many things like how-to-X articles, scripts, techniques, etc. Posting all this stuff in the forums is not unlike archiving in the La Brea tar pits. It’s there, just not easy to get out.


Ah yes, and then on the way to the La Brea tar pits you make a wrong turn at Albuquerque and wind up in Scotland! :smiley:


With the forums being opened up, hopefully search engines will be able to index it.


Search engines are a poor replacement to organized docs.

But, while here, I have another ask for some status at the meetup about documentation and auto-generated interface documentation. HF is beta. after all (scroll to the bottom):