In-world meetup, Friday May 6 2016 @ playa 2-3 PM


Re wiki.

Some time ago (1 year) @Coal and I went to some considerable trouble setting up the first wiki, it was popular for about 2 weeks then interest waned, lots of things in Hifi broke and was rebuilt or removed and most of the wiki content quickly became obsolete. Hifi was extremely difficult to use and so the user-base was thin.

Its a task enough just to write a wiki, but when the details change constantly (without notice) and the wiki needs updating every week it became a full time job just keeping the wiki docs up to date reflecting the current state of the code.
This is nobody’s fault its just the nature of bleeding edge development.

This point might also help us all digest the fact that while the official docs can seem out of date and frustrating, we shouldnt be to hard on those building the code and writing docs, it is a hell of a job and the rules constantly change.

Added to this, the fact that there was very little in terms of community input to the wiki, and even less in terms of user utilization. The time and effort required to maintain it was too much.

We had to let it go, it became like the docs are now, untrustworthy might be a bit strong, lets just say, a bit hit and miss.

Wiki is going to have to be a community effort, not a Hifi effort.
Even though the package says beta, I still see serious changes happening, this means writing a wiki now is still a bit like shoveling water uphill. (insert visual).


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I would like to talk about feature again text to speech support for when you have your vr headset on / 2d display @Caitlyn This probably needs total separate conversation just on its own for the future


Still like to know what or when we can expect inworld terrain and tools to change it ?

Simple imported mesh terrain to let a domain look nice. = WORKS
Start creating roads etc. with a imported mesh terrain = FAIL

Missing terrain is holding me back from starting.


I wanna see demos of all the hackathon stuff
I saw like 5 photos that told me nothing



Ok cool has seen the now video lets never speak of the hackathon again.

No contrary to opinion most people weren’t at the thing, the video has no explanation to whats happening in it.
Unless it was a total disaster and your all still trying to dispose of the mutilated corpses of the competitors it would be nice to hear about it a bit to bring it to life :slight_smile:


I agree a wiki would be nice but people expected everyone else to contribute to it and never contributed their self, which became a bit of contention.

I still can renew for 25.00 but do not want to spend the money on the domain if I did not know it would have a dedicated group of folks to put some muscle behind it. If anyone wants to contribute funds to the domain and hosting I would be glad to put it back up too.


What if posts could be upvoted for usefulness and downvoted for crap Judas says?


This is something HF should pay for since they are getting free talent and value. No reason why there could not be in which regular memebers would be enrolled as contributors.


To be honest that is not a bad idea, but it would be up to @chris to give some input on whether they felt is something they would go for.


I search the forum usually if I want to know how to do something .the problem. With wikis are they exist in isolation and get outta date fast


Not as fast as the lack of docs here. At least we can then have direct input to correct, amend, add.


I am with you here, I actually would like to see it added and I know a few others would too.


What about That’s pretty much a wiki.


Hmmmmm… the text-chat script window didn’t load. Did that happen for anyone else but me?


@Nathan_Adored Just tested: my text chat reloaded OK just now


Hmmmmm… I invoked Reload All Scripts. Still no chat window, Maybe I need to install it again from scratch. What was the URL for that again?


To comment on the wiki discussion going on now at the meeting: Yeah, MediaWiki is the same wiki software system Wikipedia itself uses, so it’s a very good choice. It’s actually what I have (had, since my wiki is down at the moment) at my own website.


Yes, It has most of the attributes. I suspect that this is an HF content managed repository. I brought up the wiki approach because the point is to take the documentation load off of HF team. They are overwhlemed with things to do.