In-World Photographer


High Fidelity is looking for some photographers to memorialize the Sept 7th load test. The photographer’s job will be to roam the crowd during the load test and ask people if they want to get their photo taken. The photographer should encourage people to get together, make fun or funny poses, take the photos and then instruct the subjects on how to retrieve them (a Dropbox account will be provided).

Applicants must have an intermediate to advanced level of skill using the High Fidelity client and the Snap app. Applicants should ideally have a working knowledge of shot composition.

Applicants will be paid $2500 HFC to work from 1:00 - 2:00 pm PDT on Sept 7th. HFC is now convertible to $US. To learn how go here.

Please only apply if you can commit to working that date and time.

Apply here


I already applied for HypePerson, but I’d also love to do photography (it’s what I like to do anyhow at wild events / cool experiences) :purple_heart::camera::sunglasses:

Can I be a HypePhotographer? :wink:


Hey there Xaos! Thank you for your interest. It’s ok to apply for as many of these jobs as you want, but each one is separate so if you get hired for one, you can’t do the other at the same time.


I love virtual photography, and I’d love to do this! It will be the first stress test I can actually attend in VR (I’ve previously had to remote-desktop in due to work, but I’m taking that day off in preparation!)


Dear @ryan,
that’s perfectly fine!
While both jobs really appeal to me, photography would be my first choice.
It’s up to you (HiFi), wherever you could “make the best use” of me :wink:
Looking forward to the stresstest - this is gonna be a wild party!
“For fun and science, but mostly for fun!”


Can we just take photos anyway, post them here and you can shower the photogopher of any u like with gold
u can call it the golden shower
rich rewards of hfc
only if u like them ofc.
I also want Philip to line everone up for a watch the birdy group shot
and a jim jamz appearance


I just applied to the photo gig. Been shooting professionally for over 20 years. Done a lot of work in social vr already with photography and film work. Would be great fun!