In-world temporarily vanishing of entities


Hi there, since a couple of days I’ve noticed strange behaviour of my sim and I don’t know how to look to fix it. Its, when I am in-world, everything vanish to just the stars skybox, sometimes only for a second, but can also be for a minute or so. Then everything is coming back, just not the skybox (its then turning to the cloudy sky). The specs of my vServer is 16 cores, 18 GB guaranteed ram.

I don’t know, if its just on my side, or maybe it happens also, when someone else is on the sim. I mean, is it a problem of my ISP, or is it on the server side.


Can you open up the stats and see what happens with the numbers?
I dont recall how to get to them right now (at work), but it should be under the developer tab after turning the menus on.


if the develop menu heading is not visible then:


Thanks Menithal and Balpien. I will keep an eye on that, and post it here. Just the last two hours everything was fine, no problems at all, strange…


It looks ike you got disconnected from the server.
If this is what’s happening, you will see the pings go to -1 in the stats.