Infographic Comparing High Fidelity and Sansar


Hello everyone. I created a graphic comparing and contrasting High Fidelity and Sansar, but before I publish it, I wanted to have people check it and comment on its accuracy. I don’t want to give out false information!

Here is the graphic:


Comparing Sansar and High Fidelity 8 Jan 2018


There are more than 2 virtual worlds. You need a bigger graphic.


I know, but I only interested in comparing these two.


this is just versus versus comparison but there is definitely more to these platforms then just 2 you be quite surprised that everybody is getting invited to the things now this is just going to be a minority view


Looks pretty clear and fair to me. Just beginning my explorations of Sansar and enjoying the sheer beauty and detail of many of the worlds. Will attend some meetings there soon to be able to interact with others. Haven’t seen anyone in world yet (I probably don’t know where or when to look) The graphic size is fine - when I click on it - it’s readable on my 27" flat panels. Haven’t tried it on my phones or tablets, etc. Thanks for putting this together Ryan.


You’re welcome Andrew.

I don’t want to create a chart listing every single VR social world it would take forever. I just want to compare and contrast HiFi and Sansar and do it as accurately as possible.

One figure i would like to know is an estimate of how many domains there already are in HiFi. Does anyone have an estimate to give me for this infographic? Thanks.


@RyanSchultz Cool stuff - looks good. As to your stats - there are about 150 ‘named’ domains (those with placenames) up and running in High Fidelity, right now. I think maybe 20-30 of those are demo places that are run by High Fidelity, the rest from other people.


Thanks Philip! Appreciate this :slight_smile:


OK thank you all for your feedback. I have now published my infographic:


The finished Infographic looks good. And does add clarity when people are looking for the differences between those worlds (without any hype). I learned things I didn’t know. Thanks Ryan for putting it together.


Comparing the 2 virtual worlds Linden lab seem alot more keen to go after bloggers than Hifi
can you add that to the infographic


Glad no one remember the off grid test from SL that was made .
If so will that get added or was that a NDA black sheep ?