Inspect.js modification to pan directions and speed


I’ve created a modified version of inspect.js that changes the pan directions (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+LeftMouseDown) and speed to be more consistent with Second Life.

5 Apr 2015: Updated URL


I’ve updated the official High Fidelity version of the script to use the “correct” pan directions and a more reasonable pan rate. So the CtrlAltStudio version of this script is no longer needed (though I’ll keep it online for a while in case people are using it).


is there an official version of inspect.js different from the one you have in your website? Still a valid information?


inspect.js is included in the install. You find it using the search box in the Running Scripts dialog.


@ctrlaltdavid This is the sort of hidden things, or at least hidden to me that are quite interesting. I will try to do a text compare.